Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let the fun begin!

The concept of Project Tree House popped into my head a couple of days after I had found out my idea was being used but for something different than boys clothing and since then ideas have flowed. But the fun had already began when it came to deciding to either hand make the clothing or use existing manufactures to supply what I wanted. Let me tell you it's not an easy decision!

We have searched the Web for manufactures/suppliers and because I'm pretty fussy I came up short. So it looks like I'll be spending lots of time in front of the sewing machine, and let me tell you for a bloke who usually spends lots of time camping, fishing and four wheel driving, this will be a huge change of scenery! But I guess this will allow me to apply personal touches to each garment.

I hope that from a normal everyday guy's point of view I can make some hard wearing Australian made everyday wear for boys, from the Tree House to a special occasion we hope to keep your little boys looking and feeling great.

Take Care,


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  1. Fabulous- looking forward to see what you come up with Carl!