Sunday, May 24, 2009

Website designer choosen!!

Well it's a bit slow going at the moment, but we are moving ahead with the Project. We have asked Judy of Sanqunetti Design ( Judy did such a great job with Little Moos we can't wait to see Project Tree House up and running!

I have some great stuff planned for the Kids and hope they have heaps of fun with.... umm well you'll just have to wait and see... hehehe.

The clothing is taking shape and changing ideas as we see them in sample form. Maybe I being to fussy, but if it turns out looking & being great stuff then it will be worth the effort. One thing that is the most frustrating thing, is finding fabrics that fit our style! oh well we'll get there.

We will hope to have a link for people to become a member of our Tree House Club soon, but if you want to keep informed or would like a sneek peek, please follow us and we'll send you the secret code to allow access to our TOP SECRET material.

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